Service Area

Happy Kids Pet Sitting provide pet services to the following areas:

  • Covington
  • Park Hills
  • Fort Wright
  • Edgewood
  • Elsmere/Erlanger
  • Villa Hills
  • Taylor Mill
  • Lakeside Park
  • Bromley/Ludlow
  • Crescent Springs
  • Crestview Hills
  • Independence
  • Florence
  • Burlington
  • Union
  • Richwood
  • Walton
  • Newport
  • Bellevue
  • Dayton
  • Fort Thomas

Don’t see your area listed? Please call us at 859-414-0999 or use the Contact Us form.

Services Provided

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with you and your pet. We will discuss such issues as menu items and specific feeding/potty schedules, walk times, play time, pet cleanup, and any other concerns specific to you and your pet’s situation. Our goal is that our service is parallel to the love and care you yourself provide!

Pet Sitting                                                                                                              

We provide that “one-on-one” service that only a professional pet sitter can provide! We will walk, feed, play with, clean up after, give medications, brush, and provide lots of love–just like you!  We will also make your home look lived in (retrieve mail, newspapers, rotate lights, open and close blinds/drapes, and water plants.)

Potty Breaks/Dog Walking

You love your best friend. But we all know there are times when you cannot be there to provide that walk or let them out to “do their business.”   Odd work schedule? Stuck at work? Children’s activities? We can help. Call us to set up a daily walk or stop in and let out your puppy/senior dog that fits in with your schedule.

Grocery/Pet Food Stocking

Nothing like coming home after a nice vacation and then immediately having to run to the store because there’s nothing in the house to drink or eat. Let us do that for you! We will stock your refrigerator/pantry with your requested items so you can relax when you return.  A better way for you to spend your time together with your other “happy kids!”

Pet Reiki

We offer an optional, free 15 minute Reiki session with your pet while pet sitting. The free Reiki session is provided in addition to your regular 30 minute visit, or you can opt for a full Reiki session for your pet. Reiki does the same thing for your other kids that it does for humans–provides a nice, relaxing rejuvenation for your pet’s physical and mental well being.  It’s harmless and can be used with any pet. Many pets drift off to sleep, attesting to Reiki’s calming benefits.  More information can be found out about Reiki by clicking here.

How Else May We Help You?

We dislike putting every option and item in a “box,” because you and your other kids are unique.  If there is something that you need for your pet or your home that is not listed here, please call us at 859-414-0999 or complete the Contact Us form today!