Pet Reiki


Reiki practitioner giving Reiki to a cat


Reiki is ancient Eastern healing brought into the 21st century. It uses both universal and earth energy to remove energy blockages from the body which can manifest itself in discomfort and disease. Reiki can only do good–it always provides a healing. The healing, though, may not always be immediately evident or what is expected. Sometimes it’s a physical healing, such as from illness or injury. Sometimes it’s an emotional healing, such as from trauma or abuse. And sometimes an animal that is passing on will use the energy to help with its transition.

The practitioner has no attachment to the outcome and merely serves as the “conduit” or “wire” for directing the healing energy via his or her hands. A full session usually lasts about 30-45 minutes. However, even a short amount of time is beneficial to the animal.

Reiki can be given directly to the animal, a short distance away, or over a distance. (If you think about radio waves, it’s the same concept.) There is no limit on where energy can go, because energy is everywhere! If you’ve ever watched Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, you’ve heard him talk about what your energy says to your dog. He will always say, “Project calm, assertive energy.” Animals are so much more in tune to energy than most humans.

Reiki being given to a baby bunny

So what happens during a Reiki session with an animal? The animal will become very relaxed, and will frequently start yawning and even go to sleep. The practitioner will direct the energy to the animal, and the Reiki will go to where it is needed. The practitioner will continue to give Reiki until the animal either gets up and moves away (signaling the session is over) or when the practitioner ends the session.  A “conversation” may occur between the practitioner and the animal, with the animal sharing information about what it is feeling, what it likes or doesn’t like, or favorite people or places. This is not a conversation in the normal sense, but may occur through intuitive messages.

Reiki is not religious, nor attached to any religion. It is spiritual and holistic, and relies on the Reiki energy to boost natural healing. Reiki works in conjuction with modern veterinary medicine, and can help animals recover more quickly from illness or surgery.

In what situations have we used Reiki? We used Reiki to help heal 2 dogs that were in kidney failure. They both recovered completely. We used Reiki on a dog that couldn’t walk. (The last time we saw the dog it was up and moving on all fours!) We used Reiki to help a lost dog find its home.  We used Reiki on a horse that was blind due to diabetes because the owner wanted to make sure she (the horse) was okay with her situation.  Pat uses Reiki on her own animals (even her fish!) Reiki is good for everyone and everybody!

Reiki does not change the natural course of events. As hard as it is to deal with, all animals pass back to spirit. Reiki can help an animal be more comfortable during this transition.  Reiki can also help the people involved to better handle this difficult situation.

We offer a free 15 minute Reiki session to be given while pet sitting your pet. This is exclusive of your normal pet sitting routine. We can also provide Reiki as a full-service treatment.

If you are interested in Reiki, we can either provide a treatment or teach you how to do Reiki. Please call us at 859-414-0999 or complete the Contact Us for more information!