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Hi! My name is Pat Ross, and I’m the owner of Happy Kids Pet Sitting.  We are a fully bonded and insured in-home pet sitting service serving the Northern Kentucky area.  We provide the love, compassion, and companionship when you can’t be there.  We specialize in:

In-home Pet Sitting

Dog Walking

Vacation Care

Puppy Care/Potty Break

Pet Reiki

We understand that your pets are your “other kids.” You want someone to love them and take care of them as you do.   By choosing Happy Kids Pet Sitting, you can rest assured your other kids are being loved and cared for by a qualified, trustworthy pet care professional, in the same way we love and care for our own pets. By coming to your home, your pet remains in its own comfortable environment. There is no stress associated with being transported or boarded in a strange, scary place. Illness from contact with other animals or stress due to boarding is nonexistent. And we maintain their regular schedule in their familiar surroundings. That makes for “happy kids!”

Please call us at 859-414-0999 or complete the Contact Us form to schedule your free, in-home interview today!

About Us

You know, there’s never been a time of my life when I’ve not been around animals. Some of my earliest memories come from my childhood. We always had a beagle, because my father liked to hunt.The beagle’s name was Tippy and her doghouse was under a large tree.  Many hours were passed sitting on top of that doghouse. I used the the tree as a “backrest;” my legs angled upward from the slope of the roof.  Tippy would sit  on on my lap as we talked and surveyed the world from our “perch.” I’ve had many great dogs since then, and all have been rescues. I’ve also had cats, birds, hamsters, and fish. My current dogs are Teisha, a sharpei/boxer mix who is 9, and Behr, a red pit, who is 3 1/2. Oh, and Olivia, an Oscar fish (one of my many fish!)

I’ve worked at and managed a kennel for four years. This was a tremendous experience for me—working with great people, great clients, and their awesome “other kids.” Clientele included dogs, cats, ferrets, lizards, rabbits, and even a pig. I had a job where I got to play with and take care of other peoples’ pets. I was “livin’ my dream!” The best part was getting to know each individual animal’s personality. The worst part was the stress I saw each animal experience while being “kenneled.”  The ability to hear or see other animals, different people to deal with, and different schedules—all contribute to an animal’s stress.We did our best to minimize the stress. I’ve sat in many a kennel with a dog, giving that one-on-one attention that they missed from being at home.

At Home

At home is where a pet feels comfortable and secure. Where the stress level is zero. Where sights and sounds are familiar. And this is how Happy Kids Pet Sitting came about. Taking care of your pets as though they were my own in their own surroundings.  It’s what I’m good at. And I believe it’s my calling in life, taking care of your “other kids” and keeping  them happy, safe, and secure while you’re away. Taking care of them as you would. Loving them as though they were our own. Making sure they are Happy Kids….

I want to dedicate this website to Petey. Petey left this world in 2011 at the age of 12 years. It is said you always “get the dog you need.” He let me know everyday that just being me was enough–until I finally figured it out for myself. He was a very special boy. Rest in Peace, Petey!